Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Halloween count

Review of my journal for the past few years indicates that this is the first time I have been home for trick or treaters in three years. Tonight we had ~33 Trick or Treaters come to our door. As to the times I answered the door, we had more Spiderman, firemen, witches and princesses than other visitors, though we did have one charming monster. We handed out a candy bar per visitor, leaving us with a small surplus at evening's end. Looking at my past journal reminded me of the year I drove from rural West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio on Halloween night. That was an interesting experience, as I chose rural highways in southern Ohio which fascinated me, and to which I made mental notes that I must return, but never have returned. I got my new viewscreen scope to work, but my pond trip for samples did not work out, because I did not have the cool "reservoir" slide (whose real name escapes me). I will get on the 'net and figure out what I need.

I am not doing nanowrimo this year. I figure instead that I will work harder at work, and also edit that 2002 novel I wrote that I keep talking about but never editing. I am bored of being at odds and ends.
I am a bit sad tonight, because I have that thing we all get sometimes, where I just remember stupid errors and faux pas I have made in things I have said. It's not altogether unhealthy, these moments of atonement--perhaps a fitting beginning to the days of the dead.

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