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My first freecycle giveaway went without incident, as a woman came and picked up all our spare moving boxes, which we loaded swiftly into her mini-SUV. I drove to Celebration Park, near us, where I walked on empty soccer fields beneath purple skies while dozens of black grackles wandered the field. I found at Big Lots a Science Screen Set at reasonable expense, so that I can fulfill my goal of watching protozoa on a TV-like screen. I experienced a flame attack on the law message board I enjoy, but I have no real inclination to flame back nor to retreat. Instead I posted a polite, reasoned response. I wonder if the internet created trolls, or if trolls existed all along, just waiting to be let out of Pandora's box. I have not experienced before the insult: "Are you ready for Social Security yet?", although on a quiet weekend like this it occurs to me that a retirement pension might have advantages.

Lately I devote my reading time to tropical fish books. Although I have always been an extremely amateur aquarist, I take great comfort in books and magazines about raising tropical fish. It's something to do with the infinite variety of life and color. I love genus names, too--like "anableps". Who could resist any fish with the name "anableps", and large eyes that aid the fish to see both above and below the water?

I noticed at Big Lots that glass chess sets were down to five dollars. I have not played in a chess tournament since I sponsored one in January. It's because, I think, I never finished that tournament director's examination. It sits, somewhere known best to the woman who does housework for us, waiting for completion. When I fail to do one thing about a hobby, it sometimes causes a chain reaction, and I freeze up altogether. But now that I recognize the phenomenon, I can change behavior.

My own spare room is junked up again. I have this vision of it being a really fun place--art table here, fish tank there, computer yet over there, four track recording equipment right over there, and fluorescent lighted cacti there. This is a completely do-able idea. I must acquire more skill at things I have no skill at doing to make anything like that happen. But I have faith in me, sometimes.

Soon trick or treaters will brave the rain and come to our home. We have Snickers, Almond Joy, and M & Ms ready, all in the tiny portions from the grocery store. I loved Halloween when I was a child. I love being able to share it with kids today. I think it's much harder being a kid now. It's funny, though, because we had so much fun when I was a kid, and though we had lots of toys, they were far more modest and down to earth than today's toys. There's a moral in that story somewhere, but it's too obvious to dwell upon.

I took my kite to the park today, but the purple clouds kept me grounded. I am not Benjamin Franklin, though I do enjoy an aphorism or two.

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