Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

big and easy songs

Friday night my wife grilled us wonderful salmon, which tasted almost fresh-caught. Ocean seafood has improved a great deal since my childhood, when only caught freshwater fish were ever fresh. I woke again this morning when the fellows came to wash our windows. They did a good job, both inside and out. We never used a professional service before, but it was a nice thing to try. I got out the little octave and 2/3 "mini-performer" toy keyboard I got for 3 dollars some time ago, and the Hal Leonard "Big and Easy" songbook written for "electronic keyboard music". This challenge roughly matched my limited piano skills, as I pegged out the melodies to songs like "On Top of Old Smokey" and "the Blue Danube Waltz".

I posted some moving boxes on the local freecycle board, and got a taker within an hour, which will save me the assigned chore of having to bind the boxes for the local sanitation pickup.

I took our older lhasa apso on a walk by Glendover pond. The birds shouted "killdeah, killdeah" as they scooted out of our way. Two welsh corgis showed my dog what big teeth they had when she tried to make friends. I drove to Pollo Alegre in McKinney, and ate roasted chicken for lunch. Nobody at Pollo Alegre ever minds that I am the only customer who speaks English regularly. I read an article in a law mag about Texas law firm hiring, which gave me facts about issues on a law-related post I made this morning.

After picking up batteries at Walgreen's, I set up the Videoscope Lab I purchased at a Goodwill last year. This contraption is a microscope combined with a TV-like-only-cheaper projector screen, but the particular unit I purchased used is beyond effective use. I could not get a good view of the fixed slide of grasshopper parts that came with the set. I am smitten with the idea of paramecia and rotifers on screen, so I will return to the Big Lots where I believe I saw a new version of this contraption on sale cheap. I think I have a conventional microscope, which could also work sans Orson Welles magificence.

We went tonight to Cafe Nakamoto, a Japanese place in Plano. As Plano is located on the bizarro planet, all non-chain wonderful restaurants provide seating without waiting, while chain restaurants with margarita mix pack out the high tech families who prefer predictable experience to novel experience.

I had a broiled eel on rice, a house specialty I had not tried before. The eel tasted much less eel-like that the eels in my mind's eye, and it looked rather like bream filet in soy sauce rather than an elongated thing. My wife and I then went to the local grocery for Halloween candy and ingredients for her traditional annual chili sauce.

I have been promising myself a pleasant "stay at home" weekend for a while. I am glad we are having one.

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