Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

letters to the editor of the ether

A LiveJournal friend recounted getting a letter to a news editor published. I write a letter to the editor once in a great long while. I remember getting one published in the Mesquite, Texas news, supporting a school bond. Somehow I managed to tie voting against the bond to voting for deregulating savings and loans. I got a letter in the Los Angeles Weekly or the Los Angeles Observer (I can't remember which), because an article praised a departed magazine, but also slammed its editorial staff during the time (conveniently, just after the article writer departed the mag) in its waning year or two, which actually had the temerity to alter content to try to attract readers. I remember saying "it was a good read, but let's not make it holy writ just yet".

A weblog lets one write in effect a letter to the editor every day. I like the notion of control over the means and timing of publication. It reminds me that I must pursue, and not daydream about, other self-publishing things I do. I will make a goal to publish something by June of next year.

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