Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

WANTED: Rocking chair consciousness

I love rocking chairs. I sit on one and type entries as I speak. Rocking chairs lack an ergonomic something when used as desk chairs. Rocking chairs permit one to lean back and think about something, after which the chair propels one back to the keyboard. I mean to buy something more office-appropriate for my upstairs room.

This weekend I plan to offer my first free giveaway on freecycle. I like the people who post "WANT" ads. I think a certain chutzpah arises from an ad saying "WANTED: Piano". Due to the obviousness of the sarcasm, I consider but reject posting "WANTED: Lexus automobile", with an accompanying ad "because my child needs milk for which I drive a mile each day". Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

I rarely use this space as a dream recorder, because I forget dreams. But this morning I record that I dreamed last night that a Hyundai automobile dealership hired me to sell cars. Prior to that, I attended an autoharp performance in a community room, as to which other folks than me played along, including someone with a guitar shaped like a fiddle, but played like a pedal steel.

I begin to lean back to contemplate the deeper implications, but then the chair rebounds, sending me off for a shower, and a morning breakfast with a new business acquaitance.

Five random thoughts to close:
1. I intend to take mediation training. Blessed peacemakers and all that.
2. I plan to scour yard sales for fish tanks this weekend as part of my new giveaway idea
3. Veronica Mars is much more entertaining when one foregoes the weight loss reality show
which comes on another network just before it
4. I find myself completely unable to get my mind around the outcome of this election
5. I read a weblog by a thoughtful if opinionated conservative praising Ann Coulter, which I wrote off as irrational oddity, and then I flashed on a bizarro glimmer "She's their Michael Moore". On the bizarro planet, also,
people take their suits to wet cleaners.

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