Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

this weekend

This weekend I managed to:

1. get an easy-to-verify fact about poppies flat wrong in making an argument in a needlessly political comment on LJ, when the fact was completely inessential to my point and yet one that I should have fact-checked to get completely right before pontificating, hence making me recognize the value of silence and the alternative value of research.
2. change my plans entirely from a trip to southwestern Oklahoma to a trip to east Texas when I learned a friend wanted to shop for a used "fun car"
3. ride in a well-aged but gorgeous Mazda Miata convertible around Tyler, Texas
4. eat at a "homestyle" lunch buffet place called "Sweet Sue's", a lunch buffet with soul food;
5. tour the October roses in the Tyler rose garden, with a hiatus for sitting on a park bench talking to my father about river traffic on the Ouachita River;
6. view the work of the Dallas Nine and the Fort Worth Group, regional artists of the Twentieth Century, at the Tyler Museum of Art, a museum that recognizes that living, breathing regional artists presented simply and well can justify a small museum's existence;
7. stop by the Great Salt Palace in Grand Saline, Texas, where 250 of the town's 3,000 citizens literally work in the salt mine mining Morton Salt. The current Salt Palace is a tiny museum, because the huge 1930s structure proven soluble in water
8. see two llamas sitting on the porch of an abandoned farmhouse
9. Drive from Tyler, Texas to Texarkana, Texas, to help a friend drop off a well-used but much-loved "first frivolous thing he's ever bought" 1996 Mazda Miata at its new home;
10. Drive through the "Lake O the Pines" state park, an algae-rich lake in a deep pine forest;
11. Drive down Highway 82 at night through myriad small Texas towns, hunting for an open restaurant;
12. Eat late night dinner of ribeye and potato at "Bill's Grill" in Paris, Texas, where people play pool in the side room and a sign says "WE HAVE NO NON-SMOKING SECTION".
13. Listen to a woman speak shrilly about her late night breakfast order at an adjoining table, repeating the same phrases over and over, while the television showed a program about hidden cameras following cheating spouses to the scenes of their misdeeds.
14. Drive to Hugo Lake, in Oklahoma, where a huge flock of snow geese stood on a small island;
15. Drive through mile after mile of woodland and cattle fields.
16. Hike Daingerfield State Park, an east Texas woodland lake, in the cool of near evening;
17. see a white-tailed hawk in mid-air
18. eat Indian buffet in Plano
19. read someone write something by Epictetus about narrowly focused pleasures being confining
20. discuss with an old friend the eternal dilemma of how a single guy like him can be alone, while men less well-suited for a stable relationship date every weekend
21. have a great time driving all over;
22. find some time this afternoon to rest
23. look forward to driving into Dallas to see my parents and many other relatives, all in town for a special event that, due to a last minute meeting arising in another city for
work, I cannot attend.
24. take an automobile survey by a survey company that seemed to last until Hell froze over, melted, and got turned into a TV dinner;
25. listen to an AM radio station playing old-time rural southern gospel music, with plaintive vocals and a pounding piano alternating with booming bass and drums
26. watch a guy named Dr. Cresflo Dollar or some such seem as if he were a Mad Magazine parody, but he is not, apparently;
27. watch snippets of an Omen sequel
28. watch snippets of the Sure Thing, causing me to make a mental note that I would prefer the world to be taken over by a young Daphne Zuniga than by Satan
29. listen to the Arkansas Razorbacks prove once again on the radio that heart-breaking losses are just part of being from Arkansas
30. ponder keeping perspective in all I do.
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