Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Freecycling daydreams

I joined our regional freecycle group, a worthy thing by which folks give away things to other folks. I had an initial mild distaste for some postings, as folks who try to set out their "NEEDS" in an almost guilt-trip way. This puzzled me, because freecycle is more about freecycling than being a charity. I also felt that trying to guilt-trip people who give away their things to others is a bit less than fully admirable.

But now I see a world of things coming and going on the freecycle list, and I am ready to begin to play. I am a weekend or two from having a proper free weekend to meet people to come take away my things, but soon I will have time to figure out a dozen things of mine in my garage that really should be in someone else's garage.

Today I actually asked to add something to my garage. Someone put a 250 gallon aquarium on offer. I suddenly had a vision of thousands of feeder guppies swimming in a huge tank. I put in a request.

I will not be worried or offended if a more worthy donee has a better use for the tank than feeder guppy madness. The whole exhiliration of the affair got me to make a post on my yahoo group, the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, about the concept of fish-keeping of fish without "objective" monetary worth.

Also, the offer refreshed for me a daydream that runs through my head these days. I see used aquariums for prices as low as beans at yard sales from time to time. Once I get my guppies going--whether in 10 gallons or 250--it would be such a blast to begin assembling aquarium sets for others, especially kids. The freecycle would give me the means to run my own tank giveaway. Without major expenditure or undue effort, I could exude a kind of guppy awareness. This is the stuff that daydreams are made of.

I'm filled with daydreams, and they don't all come true--but this is why inspiration matters so much to me. I can do so much if I just try to fulfill a daydream or two each year. Some people need writing prompts. But I think I need living prompts. I see one swimming toward me now.
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