Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

earthworm gotten

Today begins the Texas early voting process. I arrived forty five minutes after the polls opened. I stood in a line for 20 minutes. The check-in process was easy, even though I did not have my voter registration card with me. The process of voting took less than ten minutes. I received a sticker for my shirt which says "My Vote Counted".

I noticed that several elections featured only Republican candidates, while others featured Republicans pitted against Libertarians. I think it's unfortunate that Democrats failed to field a candidate in many races. Of course, I suppose I could run for something, but I did not choose to do so. It might be fun to be a candidate who runs for a good cause, without the inconvenience of having to actually win. Maybe next election.

I'm glad I voted. I hope that the country faces a better four years ahead than the four years just past.
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