Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Seven notions

1.The current election will be decided by turnout of the core, not by swing voters
2.It's hard for me to believe that we have a death penalty, but simply incredible to imagine that we extend it to minors.
3.Next week I visit Little Rock for a law school alumni association deal. I loved living there, and am glad of a chance to visit again. I hope I get a chance to climb Pinnacle Mountain, and eat lunch at the Terrace.
4.I need to watch more of those legal seminar videos to meet my mandatory continuing legal education requirement.They're informative, but hours of the drone of lawyers talking always amuses.
5. If I had gotten a Ph.D in the liberal arts, I could listen to English professors drone on instead.
6. I have too many hobby things at loose ends. I dislike not getting things done.
7. I want to begin going to work at an earlier hour. I need to rearrange the way I run my schedule. I get my work done, but I feel I could take on more if I did it right.

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