Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

small towns

I like reading the history of small towns. Today I went to, to read about the history of that town of 673 residents. Although in a prior time, the town "boomed" bit more than now (serving as a place for farmers to shop), the town never has had more than about 500 residents. I like that so many small towns' history is roughly 'John Doe got/bought a land grant and moved here', 'we used to have a cotton gin', and 'the grand old Blue Ridge Hotel burned'. I wonder if, when all the gasoline is no longer affordable, grand old small town hotels will arise everywhere for travellers making their way by bicycle.

I want someday to take a simple bicycle tour, no more than forty or fifty miles covered in a single weekend. I'd start in the middle of nowhere, and end up twenty five miles from the middle of nowhere. I'd see fields and small towns and little cafes. One thing I like about my part of Texas and all of Arkansas is that once one gets a small way out of the city, life dissolves into tiny little towns, five miles apart, but each a separate microcosm.

This weekend, I believe, is the huge rummage sale in the town of New Hope. The town of New Hope has only a few hundred families, and they all hold their garage sale simultaneously. I may not make it to the sales this year, as I want to play dulcimer, but I like this kind of thing immensely.

I've been a city guy for nearly twenty five years now, but in my mind, I am still a small town boy.

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