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encyclopedia of madtoms

Today I was productive at work. I do best with a running "to do" list. Tonight my wife had an AAUW meeting, so I stopped at Pancho's, the chain Tex/Mexican buffet place, for dinner. I had too many sopapillas, but I excuse myself slightly because I just love the honey I put inside the bread.

When I was a kid, my father's father, whom we called Pappy, once had really rural local honey in the jars with the honeycomb still in. Pappy, a railroad telegraph man, frequently had railroad salvage, like mass stores of broken peanut patties, but I cannot remember if this honey was salvage or merely home-grown. That honey, "comb in" was divine. I wish I had some now. We do have two jars of really good regional honey, though, and they'll do.

I came home and watched Veronica Mars, which I still think is the best reason to own a television right now. Then I watched NYPD Blue, which is going out just in time, but perhaps still has some strength. I logged into Magnatune and ordered two CDs, and
then logged into Amazon and ordered three books. Fortunately, I managed to avoid a full scale shopping spree. I went to Wikipedia, and made entries about bullhead catfish, channels and madtoms, sunfish, and the Ouachita River. Last night it was Ernest Holmes. "Speak to what you know", is my motto, when my motto is not "figure it out as you present". I wrote a review on Amazon on Ruth Moore's "Speak to the Wind", a charming provincial novel of Maine I lingered over virtually all winter, after buying it for a dollar at a book sale.

I find it intriguing that I would never read National Enquirer, but I do read Wonkette and Underneath Their Robes (the former, irreverent, rumour-filled political gossip, the latter, a tongue in cheek fangirl site devoted to federal judges). If it's on the internet, it can't be a tabloid, except that it so often is, really. I find myself once again giving out career advice over at, as yet another everyperson message board poster. I had stopped doing that, although the folks were in the main very kind to me, in a dual reaction to a few trolls on board and to a new policy that tried to make a "paid feature" out of all the archived posts all of us contributed. But I found that my interest in helping impart advice overrode my sense of offense.

I joined a freestuff yahoo board for my area, thinking that I would soon be clearing out my garage to deserving folks. But I'm struck by how many more "WANT" ads exist than "OFFER" ads. eBay does have a refreshing "sweat of the brow" feel about its participants. But I fear I get judgmental about the very people I should be most understanding about--people who need things from others.

I go to a good old fashioned wedding this weekend, with punch and cookies in the church basement for a reception. I hope they have Oreos.

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