Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

corn for burro

I finished Donald Spoto's "Reluctant Saint", a biography of St. Francis of Assisi tonight, by coincidence roundabout the saint's feast day. I liked the biography very much, although, as biographers tend to do, the author spent a fair deal of time pointing out that the historical fellow, while quite a worthy guy, is a bit different from the garden gnome, friar who feeds corn to burros, the guy in my imagination. I miss that guy, who seemed cool to me.

Lives of people who try to forsake everything but good intrigue me. Perhaps it's over-compensation, because I am overweight, quite flawed, and not particularly ascetic. But regardless of one's faith, it's always intriguing, this idea of being good. I am not so impressed when folks proclaim themselves good, as when they just do the right things. But we live in a time of affirmations. Affirming good things has its purpose--but being good in silence also has its virtues, I suspect. I'll never know, not being, unfortunately, the strong, silent type.

Today the rain fell in droves, and the little spillway creek near my office that is usually a puddle with a heron in it became a raging little river. I love storm days, even as I worry about kids playing in raging waters, or lightning that strikes down entire football teams.

I went to a really thrifty thrift store at lunch today, where they have well-used old furniture entirely suitable as an aquarium stand on sale for very little money. I am about to get my next guppy adventure going. I'm excited. I need to put theory into practice, over and over again.
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