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seeing things

On the drive home, a hawk whirred overhead, wide wings and a feathery white underbelly. The moon
was haloed last night with the moisture in the air--through my binoculars the craters had an almost watery look. Frogs played jazz by the park pond, apparently influenced by Sun Ra and
Harry Partch. I saw lightning bugs wink on and off intermittently, with a planned-looking randomness. A swift flittered in the darkness, low on the ground, searching out bugs.

We have company coming for the three day weekend, and I am looking forward to good fun and endless conversation. Ken and Heidi have a 21 month old, Bella, whom I've only met once, when I fed her baby food by helping her pretend the spoon was an airplane. I love toddlers, so it will be fun to have her around. I hope my lhasas share my enthusiam--they tend to prefer their children to be school age.

I hope I find a dawn or dusk to do some walking this weekend--the weather is the best May weather I can ever remember in Texas. I would say I have some visceral need for flowers and wildlife, but I am not really all that in touch with my viscera on this point.

I sent off the funds for my two successful ebay electric football field purchases. One more field, and my project is ready to launch.

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