Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sister Grove and Armadillo

Yesterday I walked in Sister Grove Park, a county park with a trail through scraggle-woods to which I go a few times a year. They've fixed it up nicely now, with fancy picnic pavilions and restrooms. Still, only two folks other than myself were at the park. It's like having an isolated retreat all one's own.

I keep passing by golden orb spiders. Golden orbs are huge spiders that weave elaborate webs. One can encounter them at eye level, with the spider in the middle. They're quite impressive, but also a bit daunting.

As I drove from the park, heading back towards the Lake Lavon bridge to head to civilization, I stopped to look at a sign. When I looked back at the road, I saw an armadillo crossing the road. He lumbered along, an eager, slow-moving little tank with legs. I liked getting an armadillo's-eye view of him as he moved gradually across the road.

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