Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


The bad thing about waking at 7:20 when one meant to wake at 5:00 is that one has roughly 2 hours 20 minutes more sleep, but only at the expense of that luxurious morning free time.

I find myself lately hitting the button to turn off the alarm, then cruising back into sleep. I am typically an early riser, so sleeping past seven is an alarming thing.

I'm getting quite busy at work, which is a good, busy thing. Soon I must begin catching up my Mandatory Continuing Legal Education courses, watching those videos of lawyers talking about lawyer stuff.
I always learn things from those videos, but the phrase "signal to noise ratio" runs through my head as I think about them.

I'm fantasizing about driving up to Caprock Canyons, and riding that 65 mile bicycle "rail trail" through the high plains. I love October, because our weather here is largely perfect for anything.

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