Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Chart My Life's Adventures (an advice poll)

Poll #356550 Would you like to run my life for me?

It's only 30someodd shopping days until November 1. I have a choice to make. Two years ago I played in the National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo) competition ( I wrote a simple science fiction novel, had a great time, and met some great kids. Last year, I decided to abstain, or, as we say do nonanowrimo, and even got a poem published in that time period. This year I have several choices available. I value input, so I'll ask yours. What should I do?

Play in the National Novel Writing Month Competition!
Write a Book of Gurdonarkian Wisdom, and publish it print on demand
Write a month's worth of poems and alternate between submitting them to magazines and posting them in that wince-worthy resource, the Gurdonpoems livejournal!
Write a series of simple folk songs, and then sing them with musical accompaniment on a CD to pass out to all your friends!
Write a new book of chess poems and put them on eBay, with free copies to all friends!
Focus on learning songs on the mountain dulcimer!
Go on a butterfly photo safari in south Texas!
Do more pro bono legal work for people who need it!

Full of advice that a multiple choice question does not address? Feel free to hold forth at length on improving Gurdonark here!


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