Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Benign Extractions

On the way out on my business trip, I finished the Helen Hayes biography and Ben Fong Torres' autobiography. On the way home tonight, I alternated among Al Franken's book, a biography of St. Francis of Assisi, and L'Affaire. The Franken book had me chuckling. When I stopped by an IHOP on my way from the airport, still decked out in my "courtroom hearing" suit, I think that everyone thought I was a minister of the Word. I do not think that they often have evangelical readers with thick tomes
who go into convulsions of chuckles while reading theology. If I had known I was going to be a lawyer, by the way, I might have enjoyed taking a degree in theology, as the undergraduate degree is largely irrelevant in any event.

I meant to read the Tournament Dominoes book I bought at the Domino factory outlet store. I read the first few chapters, and decided that I want to take my 12 year old nephew and enter a domino tournament. I figure it's the simple man's alternative to Texas Hold 'Em. Last night, on the way to the Mongolian Barbecue over where Westchester merges into Inglewood, a poker sharp extolled Ben Affleck's card skills. I went to a card casino in Commerce once. Amid a haze of cigarette smoke, I was particularly impressed with the rhythmic clacking of the dominoes being used in elaborate Asian poker games. I didn't play pai gow or any of the other unfamiliar games, as floating in a tobacco ambience
watching grown folk bet their shirts proved gamble enough for me.

Now I'm winding down, waiting for fatigue to overcome that "been cooped in a plane too long to sleep" feeling I always get after long air travel.
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