Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Another Friday, Los Angeles

After four years, I still feel at home in Los Angeles. I should say, I suppose, I feel as home as I ever did in Los Angeles. I like the sense of anonymity and freedom. I never quite adjusted to the vagabond air to things. Even the term "vagabond air" is another cliche. Living in Los Angeles featured many cliches. My writing gained numerous cliches from the experience.

I passed the deco building where I spent much of my twenties, commuting to Los Angeles to work on a a huge case. It's now something else, something government-ish. It's no longer the shell of a failed company.

The Airport Hilton posted convention placards that it is hosting the Los Angeles Open chess tournament tonight. I might have otherwise planned to stay the weekend and play. But now I fantasize about rising at dawn and hiking on the Trinity Trail, watching for heron, getting in better shape, being alone. The radio says that the local Angeles National Forest is largely closed now, due to fire risk. I feel that way about Los Angeles sometimes, too--still familiar, but largely closed to me now. Home, with padlocks.

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