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Our north Texas weather varies a good bit this time of year. Last weekend, I was hiking in 70 degree weather. Last night, a huge cold front moved in. This morning, sleet is coating the ground, and shows no real sign of abating.
Last month, we have a one say snow storm.
Three inches, no real ice, beautiful stuff, melted in a day. We all said how that snowstorm was totally unlike the hard driving sleet, un-drive-able, miserable, that we usually get here. Today's sleet is in the "what we usually get here"
category. It's beautiful, in its way, but its
slippy-slidy. My wife made it to the airport before it began in earnest, and they put her on an early plane (I love Southwest Airlines--in Texas it can be like the city bus; show up and go).
Now I've got the crock pot out, because I believe a winter stew is in order (and I want to cook something up, because I don't think I'll be restaurant hopping in this weather).

The local Garden Ridge had its 60 hour straight sale on this weekend. I wonder if it's still going. It might be fun to be the only shopper
among the garden items and the plastic plants.
I like Garden Ridge, but it's mostly a spectator sport for me.

Maybe I'll rent a movie--something old-timey and good, or sci fi that would otherwise bore my wife.
I love a good sci fi movie, but "good sci fi movie" is often an oxymoron.

I sent my folks a thank you note on a postcard
done on a corrugated plastic (corruplast, somebody calls it--sounds like something mildly decadent)
postcard. The desert just outside Tucson--a place I could live if I did not live in TX.
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