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Today I played with google's images function for an image for a meme by a LiveJournal friend. As is natural, I then began to play with the search engine.

When I ran my own name, I found a number of images having nothing to do with me, a few things having something to do with me, and my picture from a firm website. The picture is from some years ago, and for the first time I see why our office manager suggested I have a new picture taken. I look a lot younger in that photo than the real me now. My wife takes photographs, a holdover from her magazine days. I plan to get her to document me for the site anew.

I found the town of Reader, Arkansas, not far from where I grew up, had elected to disincorporate in 2002. The images featured old buildings, great woodland, and weeds. Apparently, everyone just got tired of trying to find a mayor and the like.

I've always noticed that every electoral office I have ever held in any club resulted from the fact that one more officer position was open than the number of prior volunteers willing to serve. Still, it's flattering to be asked, even if one is asked only because nobody else would do it. I got asked to do an alumni association thing at my law school, and I'm eager to write back and say "yes, thank you".

My father's latest passion is advocacy for commerce on the local small river. I like that when he got nominated to the State Waterways Commission, he was nominated as the representative of the Ouachita River. I would like to hold an office in which my constituency was a creek, a species of butterfly or perhaps a small dam.

I read about the Dallas County Lepidopterists Society, which meets for butterfly watches. As I've been in effect a butterfly watcher for years, I am glad to hear I am part of a trend. I would like to learn the species names better. I have a bad habit of only knowing the colorful names, and not the names of the drab ones.

Lately I think that I should focus on becoming a "specialist" in an area of the law. Specializing does not entitle one to do anything that a generalist can't do. It's more a ribbon type of thing. I might enjoy the study and the education courses to get the credential. In addition, I could use mediation training. I've always been a litigator and transactional lawyer, and never a mediator. But it might be fun to learn a new skill.

I ran a lesser-known-but-interesting-to-me actress through the google images function, to find a dozen pictures of her at various social functions. It's a curious thing, noticing a minor celebrity.

My work "to do" list is working its way down as I achieve things, and then filling up with new things. This is how it ought to be, the ideal non-stagnant way.

A somewhat large case wound up this month, generating something more tangible than a pleasant memory. For some reason, my client's representative sent me the tracking number for the transmission of a check. It's a bit like watching Santa Claus on the military radar on Christmas Eve.

I need to design a holiday card this year, and send it to everyone I know in the entire universe.

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