Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Painted Ceramics

In August, my wife, my eight year old niece, our teen neighbor friend and I spent a vigorous day painting ceramics at the "Love You More" ceramics shop in Frisco, Texas.

The kiln has fired and burnished our work for all eternity.
I now present a few of the choice pieces for your entertainment.

My niece likes horses. Here is a horse she painted:

My wife did a dish with stencilled lettering:

I did this groovy car:

The size of the car, by the way, is 1/50th lhasa apso scale (many thanks to my dog Scout for donating her time to offer this perspective. She wishes she did have pink eyes, I think):

With an appropriate Harvest Festival bow, I capped off my burst of creativity with this scarecrow:

Today I got my butterfly kite to fly for a while, until a doldrum stifled the wind. Then I watched a heron fish for mosquito fish, quite successfully, striking the water, then rising, fish in beak.

I think I'll do a painted ceramic Days of the Dead tile.
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