Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Second Monday

I found myself in Bonham today, in search of a yard sale with aquarium supplies, when I noticed that Bonham hosted "trades day", a good-sized traditional Texas flea market.

I wandered past booths with local honey, pens filled with goats and alpacas, used goods of every kind and nature, and solid local citizens ready to chat as they sold. I liked the rabbits on sale, as well as the numerous chihuahuas and dachshunds. Sometimes the flea market pet trade features pets less than perfectly attended to, but these were all solid animal citizens raised by solid farm people.

I nearly purchased so many things--the vintage cane fishing pole (much sturdier than the modern), the miracle eyeglasses cleaning bottle, and various vintage sundries. But I ended up purchasing only a toy metal tambourine that said "Boccacio--Acapulco, Mexico) for fifty cents, and a bag of "kettle corn" popcorn.

Then I stopped by a place called Discount Warehouse, to which I'd been alerted by a card-carrying salesman at the flea market. I bought a damaged-package Walkman from a box of damaged-shipment walkmans for fifty cents. I by-passed the three dollar porcelain doll, but should go back and get two, one for each young niece. I had a nostalgic moment about all the "new salvage" ten dollar Easy Bake Ovens. I never had those, but remember the commercials. We had instead something called a Thingmaker, a hazardous waste producer which cooked plastic into molded shapes more maladorously than anything outside a Harry Potter novel. I bought a fifty cent baseball cap that had been "hard-washed" to give it a flawed, ripped messed up look (city people never cease to amaze me, although I found this in a country town), and a four dollar huge kite.

I drove to Frisco, to the Love You More Ceramics shop, to pick up the ceramics that
our niece, our neighbor/friend, and my wife and I did a few weeks ago. They came out so well. I was tempted to paint yet another tile, but I decided to head home.
My plan to have lunch with my wife foundered when I fell asleep waiting for her to finish some work, while the television played the Fresno State upset today. Only last Thursday I thought to myself that college football holds no interest for me this year. But University of Troy's upset of Missouri, the disappointing Miami win over FSU, and the Fresno State upset of Kansas State have me hooked.

I write this, of course, during half-time of the Arkansas/Texas game. An Arkansas/Texas game is not a matter of football, though, but of religion.

I went to Allen library's huge used book sale. A kind patron donated a huge book collection from a closed bookshop back east in Pennsylvania for the local library to sell. I noted how the community room they said was not big enough for chess tournaments is instead perfect for that purpose. Our homeowners' association gets space to have its meeting. I will soon feel like a victim of chess discrimination.

I bought six books for 10 dollars, including a fascinating Silverberg dystopian hardcover, which I am devouring. I ate pulled pork at Dickey's barbecue, then
drove up to rural New Hope and Princeton. I saw a huge red-tailed hawk, and a convocation of black vultures praying over a departed raccoon. I did not buy any aquarium supplies.

We had a wonderful tandoori fish Indian restaurant dinner, sitting outside at a place over in Addison. Then I settled in for a football game that has me, to my surprise, chanting at the television and jumping up during the big plays.
I am only millimeters from shouting "Wooooo, Pig Soooooiiiieee". But now I must go see about the second half.
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