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librarians have all the fun

Yesterday's Dallas Morning News had a story on page 1 of "Texas Living" called "New on Shelves--Cool Librarians...Meet a few book-smart professionals who buck the stereotype". We learn that
away from the library, Juanelo Moa plays bass with punk-rock band Bedsore and on the club scene, he's known as El Mero, the rocker. We learn about Artis Lovelady III, a biblical studies college librarian who moonlights as "sabbath pastor" of Word of Grace Missionary Baptist Church. Most shocking of all, librarian Julie Todaro actually wears black, with rings on her fingers, lots of bracelets on her wrist, and hoop earrings. What a shocker!
Charlotte Bray dresses in Rensaissance garb and gives flute recitals, lecturing on the history of the slide whistle, the reed flute and the recorder. The director of the North Chicago library association holds forth on how many more positions there are than applicants. Clearly, I missed out on this incredible career. I took a road more travelled, and that has, unfortunately, made all the difference.

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