Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

open sources

The one day eBay auction campaign was in the main a success, as I now have on electric football field and two Star Trek models heading from my spare room to waiting buyers eager to receive them. My effort to sell my own CD foundered. I realized I have numerous issues of Blitz Chess magazine, which is probably now a collectible (being out of print), but which essentially is just in my way. It's up for one day auction now. I want to get things pared down a bit.

I read about a non-profit called the Open Source Project, devoted to
providing wider access to public domain recordings through personal computer driven community recording studios. That's a fun idea, so I dropped them a line to see if I can help. If I can help them, great, if not, it would be easy to take my own concept in a similar vein and make it work.

I feel a Summer cold coming on, with pleasantly histrionic sneezing and a trace of sore throat. I am glad I am busy enough at work not to think about getting ill.

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