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busy Saturday

My wife, my niece, our 14 year old neighbor and I went to the "Love You More" ceramics shop in nearby Frisco, Texas. We each picked out a ceramic object to paint. The owner then brought us the paints we needed for our masterworks. My niece picked a horse. My wife picked a serving plate onto which she stencilled oriental letters. Our neighbor picked a small cauldron. I picked a station wagon car.

I painted the sides of my small station wagon orange, then asked the owner what would be a good contrast color for the roof. She suggested black. I then used sky blue to do the windows, and silver for the chrome. I liked the peace sign I painted on, but the star on the other side of the car came out more like some cryptic omen symbol from a low budget movie about creatures chasing people though fields of soybean [Edamame II: Revenge of the Beans!]. I finished my small car early, so I also did a ceramic tile. My random sketch turned into a scarecrow. Meanwhile, my niece's horse came out nicely, while the cauldron and the serving plate turned out very well. We turned them all in to the shop for kiln firing, and headed off.

I took my niece to the Rodenbaugh Natatorium. She slid the water slide over and over. We rolled around the lazy river. We dived off the diving board. We stood under the buckets that randomly poured water on those beneath. I hit the hot tub pool for a while, while she got in extra runs at the giant slide.

The three of us went to Spring Creek barbecue, which was uncrowded and tasty. Then we went for a night swim at our community swimming pool. I do not utilize our local homeowners' association pool often enough, so it was a nice diversion. We had the pool to ourselves.

We came home to heat up a blackberry cobbler and watch a movie on DVD. It was a tiring day, but a good one. I feel a bit kiln-fired with fatigue. Active child supervision is something I find very interesting and often rewarding, but tiring indeed.

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