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Last night my wife and I went to Texas Land and Cattle for a celebratory steak. When we returned home, my brother's family had left me a package for my birthday. Inside was a "kazoo synthesizer" from Sharper Image, which had a clarinet sound (i.e., sounds like a comb and tissue paper), a tuba sound (i.e., sounds like an abrupt synthesizer sound, rather like an out-take from an early Tangerine Dream "B" side); and a saxophone sound (i.e., sounds like a melodic electric razor crossed with a slide whistle). I thought I did a really mean "Smoke on the Water" with the tuba function. My wife thought I should return to the autoharp for my particular musical shortcomings. I love the kazoo synthesizer. A prophet is without honour in his own country.

I bid on several different instruments on eBay. I love that I am usually outbid, so I get the fun of bidding without the difficulty of too much merchandise. I looked long and hard at "Lark in the Morning"'s website, where all the exotic instruments enchant me.

I love the ocean's harp, which sounds like whale song, or any of a dozen glorious Asian stringed instruments. I barely can read music, but I'm wishing for a skill and fluidity at a thousand ways of making music. It's all wistful, wishful thinking--but perhaps not a sin.

I stared at a harmonica site, trying to figure out things that always elude me.
I did google searches to try to figure out what each country in the world calls a dulcimer. I exchanged e mails with a man, asking him if he had a 3 string can-jo.

I finished the second "1st Ladies Detective Agency" novel, and found it delightful. I'll read the third this weekend. Great reads really enliven me. Sportcasters who make shallow jokes while Bjork is singing irritate me.

I went tonight to the Guatemalan panaderia in Garland. I stood in the dulce line for marrinitos, the little ginger pigs. I remembered the word began with "m", but I could not remember the word. My attendant's English was better than my twelve or so words of Spanish, but not particularly good, either. After she finally understood what I wanted and how many, I asked her for the nombre of the pigs. "Pork", she said.

I picked up tamals to take home. I had a pork tamal tonight that was amazing.
My wife is gearing up for a big dinner of ribs we are having people over for tomorrow, so she was out shopping.

I'm a bit tired tonight, and I have a lot of travel next week. But perhaps I see a clearing through the trees, a bit.
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