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Live giveaway

Travel sometimes throws off my sleep schedule. I decided to take advantage of this bout of insomnia to pick out some books to give away. If you'd like a book, then leave a comment below. The first comment as to each book will "get the book". If you're someone who likes to exchange, then I'm always open to make it an exchange rather than a giveaway.

The procedure is: (a)leave a comment what you want and (b) put your address in the poll window below.

I chose a potpourri of widely different books, all "reading copies" rather than particularly impressive editions, i.e., they look like they've been read rather than cherished. They're things that I've enjoyed, and which I'm now ready to pass on.

I have a few books I've promised already to mail to someone, and I won't forget that promise. But would you like a book?

1. A "World's Greatest Literature" edition of "Emerson's Essays"

2. "Scream for Jeeves" by P.H. Cannon, ill. J.C. Eckhardt--a simultaneous parody of the Wodehouse and Lovecraft books

3. "A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm", by Edwin Way Teale, buying an old CT farm

4. "The Addams Family", by Jack Sharkey. This collection of short stories was released in connection with the 60s TV series. My favorite is "Dear Old Mold and Ghoul Days", about the family poet, whose true meaning is divined only by skipping words.

5. "Making a Living Without a Job", by Barbara Winter--ideas on individual industry to support oneself.

6. "What you can do to help the Homeless", an idea book by the National Allience to End Homelessness.

7. "Andorra", by Peter Cameron, a novel about escaping to that remote retreat, in this case a purely mythical Andorra.

8. "There is a River, the Story of Edgar Cayce", by Thomas Sugrue

9. "Death in Holy Orders", by PD James, I have a weakness for the Dalgliehs mysteries.

10. "Plague of Angels", by Sheri Tepper, a hardcover fantasy novel by a popular writer.

11. "How We Believe", by Michael Shermer, an interesting tak on faith by the editor of Skeptic Magazine

12. "The Cliff Walk", by Don J. Snyder, about losing your chance at tenure and making life work as a carpenter instead.

Also, I have two non-book entries. I used to buy discount Star Trek models and then re-sell them at a profit on eBay.
I have two Star Trek: Voyager, "Maquis Ship", by Monogram, in box with shrink wrap, but a bit worse for wear.

My life seems to filled with things, sometimes. Would you like one? Just leave a comment below if you wish one, first come first served.

Poll #331272 Address for shipping

Please write your address below. I am not interested in invading your privacy, so feel free to use a work or other appropriate address if you prefer.

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