Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Envisioning vision

Last week I saw an advertisement for an eyeglass maker who could make my bifocals for a fraction of what I usually pay. Sometimes I wish for eagle-sharp eyes, like the people in stories who can see miles away without assistance. I read a travel brochure on the airplane for vacations to Costa Rica, where sharp-eyed watchers with powerful binoculars can see birds of varying colors.

I imagine, sometimes, that I have a good eye for plumage. I am myself a somewhat grackle-like bird, I worry, because I have lots of voice but not much song. I like to flock with other birds, although, curiously, the birds I like the best don't run in the most populous flocks.

I have an incredibly good intuition, sometimes, and it almost seems like a sixth, seventh or eighth sense. I am able to extrapolate as if I can see the missing jigsaw pieces, sometimes. The ability is sufficiently refined that I am floored, and deeply amused with myself, when something obvious eludes me altogether.

I don't need to know that I am some incipiently gifted person in life, and, indeed,I take some pride in being remarkably ordinary. But sometimes, when I look up, and see someone, I'd like to really see someone. I'm not impressed, quite frankly, with most efforts at "second sight", as I run into more intuition than insight. But intuition is a useful skill, and I'll take it over my lack of the ability to saw a board straight.

This is a time in which life moves very quickly for me. I see the future, a little, and there are portents as well as possibilities. But I want to focus on this moment before me, and getting it "right", somehow.

But I imagined being a telescope, even if I am only two eyes, and perhaps, wishfully,
a good start on a middle eye, if only I believed in them, which I don't.

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