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Greensleeves, green snake

Today my can-jo string broke just when I was getting the hang of "Happy Birthday". I will have to learn how to string a can. So much for my phone post the "Happy Birthday song" idea. My 12 year old nephew and I rode the train to downtown Dallas. We had pasta at Old Spaghetti Warehouse, and then went to the Dallas World Aquarium. This small aquarium in an old building really does rainforest and aquaria right. We had a great time. I love the penguins and the colorful everything of it all.

I posted my Ford Crown Victoria on eBay with an ad whose subtitle was "a confession of neglect". I do not know if it will sell, but I am purchase-workmanlike-dulcimer-with-proceeds hopeful. I like writing an ad about how bad it is.

Ever since androkles told me about the experimental musician Ros Bandt, and I bought her CD "Stack", played on huge subway ventilation pipes, I have had a hankering to make music by playing drumsticks on a rural Texas bridge. But let's go for a nature walk now.

I took these photos last Sunday. Here is a butterfly on my knee, taken on a hike at Trinity Trail, near Lucas, Texas:

Here is one of three green snakes we saw while we hiked Trinity Trail, each of which tried to "freeze" and take advantage of its natural camouflage. The snakes all stayed stock still while we watched them at leisure:

Here is a picture of a glorious Tiger Swallowtail, also from Trinity Trail:

Green Park is a nearby small park. I like its wildflower display, of which this is a charming sample:

I did take a few penguin pictures today, and we'll see if any "took".
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