Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A tiny taste of the Rio Grande

These are modest photos I took at Weslaco, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, roughly ten miles above the Mexican border, at Frontera Audobon Park.

Picture a tree and shrub shaded melee of subtropical plants, cacti and flowers, laced with native palm trees, and you'll get an idea for this modest "backyard walk" at a charming little Audobon nature center. I particularly admired that this center had so much life about it, and yet was not a huge facility at all. As always, I used a cheap dollar store throwaway camera, whose limitations help define what pictures I post.

Above is a picture of the trail, on which you can see the fleeing chachalaca bird, a huge native bird similar in size to a roadrunner, but quite different in look and sound.

I liked the way that flowers were abundant, but the feel was palm/fern/cactus/desert tree, a wonderful Rio Grande amalgam of native plants.

My photos of the great kiskadee did not come out, but do picture a huge yellow-breased flycatcher, just eluding your camera's eye.

I liked the way that the butterflies were everywhere, in so many colors, in so many places.

Weslaco is just an ordinary town of 25,000 a few dozen miles inland of the coast, just north of the border. It's one of dozens of little towns where they realize what treasures their birds and butterflies truly are. I think my own neighborhood, and perhaps any neighborhood, could set up something similar, and find a way to delight visitors this way.

I want to go back someday, binoculars in hand, and just luxuriate in the color and flitting wings.
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