Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A setting (write a paragraph in the comments)

Let's do a variation on a meme.

We're seated at a card table. Music, of your choosing, is playing in the background. We're using your favorite tablecloth, newly purchased from the exotic flea market. We're talking about something you've always wanted to discuss with me.
It's your favorite time of year. We're in your favorite city. You tell me your favorite memory. Then you tell me something curious, that will not mean anything to anyone, but it means something to you. I shuffle the cards.

Write a paragraph in the comments, in which you tell me:
a. what card game (your favorite) are we playing?
b. what music is playing?
c. what is the pattern on your new tablecloth?
d. what are we talking about, that you always wanted to discuss with me
e. what is the time of year and where are we(your favorites)?
f. what is your favorite memory?
g. what is something curious, that will not mean anything to anyone, but means something to you.

Feel free to also ask me anything, or write me a poem, or touch my mind, just for a moment. For that matter, just feel free in general. I'm shuffling the cards.
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