Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

snippets of songs

It's those little lines from songs which just "grab" me and make me catch my breath. Sometimes the line appears in a song whose lyrics or melody overall really doesn't grab me at all--but a single line of words or music caresses my mind like a kiss. Last year it was Michelle Branch singing "hold me" in the Santana song "Game of Love", coupled with the bursting guitar line a few moments later. This month it has been the Flower Kings' cover of "Cinema Show". When the song reaches the line "can she be late for her cinema show?", and the singer heads up into a gorgeous falsetto on the word "show", it makes me have that inner feeling that is the closest thing to an outer shiver. The rest of the song is just fine, but it's that one moment. I wish sometimes to live in the one moment of a snippet of a song eternally.

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