Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sleep patterns, weather patterns

"Another advantage of a mathematical statement is that it is so definite that it might be definitely wrong; and if it is found to be wrong, there is a plenteous choice of amendments ready in the mathematicians' stock of formulae. Some verbal statements have not this merit; they are so vague that they could hardly be wrong, and are correspondingly useless." --Lewis Fry Richardson

I went back to sleep in late morning, awaking at 2:30 p.m., sleeping off the ill effects of insomnia. I did some cleaning and sorting of things to thow away. After a stop at Dickey's barbecue, I went to the Princeton Village Flea Market, in rural Princeton, some half an hour away. I did not see either anything to buy or anything to not buy but think fondly about. I went to the little aluminum snow cone building by the Princeton market, and got a large bubble gum snowcone. It came with a piece of bubble gum.

We had a "cold front" this weekend, which keeps temperatures in the seventies. I plan to take a long walk in the coming cool. I spoke with my friend Gene, and we resolved that he and my wife and I will take a long weekend together soon.
I found myself unable to supply interesting things during conversation, but it is nice to have friends close enough that it does not matter.

Yesterday, as I drove in our neighborhood, a mockingbird passed in mid-air, with a huge grasshopper in his mouth. He dropped the grasshopper, and the flurry of my car being nearby allowed the grasshopper to make a quick escape. I remember hiking five years ago in the Angeles National Forest when I spotted an owl in mid-air, holding a snake, just like on the Mexican coin. The grasshopper and the mockingbird were not similar, but somehow still evocative.

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