Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A new LiveJournal google game

Lately I've been enjoying a new LiveJournal game.

Here's how to play:

Go to google. Then enter two words. One word is the LJ user id of one of your friends' list folks. The other word is an idiosyncratic word that you imagine appears in that person's public posts often. The result can be, voila!, a list of posts by that person about the topic in question. This can be really fun, because when you read what someone has read about topic x in one burst, you really get a sense of continuity as to the writer's journal.

It's easy for the reader to anticipate the self-obsessed second chapter to this game. Go to google, and enter your own LJ user id and words you imagine you use a lot. If, like me, you're intrigued by your own navel, this, too can be a fascinating way to see how your thinking evolves.

This game works well with both odd words consistent with your hobbies and fascinations, and with words such as "happy", "sad", depressed" and "crush". Google links are hit and miss, which adds a nice randomness to it all.

In general, it's one more way to see where weblogs fit into the great googleverse, and it's kinda fun reading.

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