Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Eight Dollar Tape Player

Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel."
-- Horace Walpole

"It is important to express oneself...provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience". -Berthe Morisot

I am not much of a persimmon man. They have a persistent way of not being ripe.
Although I must admit that there is a passing pleasure in that wince from biting into an unripe persimmon, I could probably safely forego that pleasure for life.

I have this fantasy about getting a freeware program which permits one to softsynth an entire recording without tape hiss. I also have a competing fantasy, though, about singing folk songs on my eight dollar Coby cassette tape recorder, and sounding all authentic, notwithstanding the tape hiss.

So many creative urges are like biting that persimmon. It so rarely seems to be ripe. Yet there's some pleasure in seeing a stack of half-eaten persimmons. It's better to have bitten and winced than never to have bitten at all.

I am taking today to rest and enjoy the holiday. But I want to think today about things I can do that I would find meaningful and real.

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