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Blood and roses

"The unique personality which is the real life in me, I can not gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. I am myself spiritually dead unless I reach out to the fine quality dormant in others. For it is only with the god enthroned in the innermost shrine of the other, that the god hidden in me will consent to appear".--Felix Adler

Yesterday before work the man from the life insurance company came and asked my wife and I impertinent questions and drew our blood and even hooked me up to an EKG to make sure my heart is beating. My rough understanding is that zombies are particularly troublesome insurance clients, because they want their death benefits on a cash and carry basis.

Yesterday our local news pointed out that we were neck and neck with 1928 for the rainiest June ever. I want to live in record times, though preferably not times with record numbers of spontaneous combustions or seven years of famine. Meanwhile, the small native trees we planted last year in our yard, an Eve's necklace and a Mexican buckeye, are growing like weeds. Usually, they are more apt to say "you know, we belong in a canyon in the hill country understory-ish, and not on a suburban red clay front lawn in the sun". Don't ever let anyone tell you that things quirky can't thrive in the suburbs, though.

I think that the Cassini Saturn photos remind me how much of what's great about life is that ability to say "ooooh....wonderful". I love that we all live in a great science fiction novel, though sometimes I wish I were not stuck in Chapter Two.

The neigbors down the way have huge sunflowers, which tower ten feet in the air. These are the "real" sunflowers, and not the smaller coreopsis that people here call sunflowers, but are not really sunflowers. It's the time of year when roses and crape myrtles and a world of early Summer flowers make yards so grand.

I have not shot off a firework in a few years, but I am deeply inclined to drive to a rural county where they are legal, buy a twenty ball Roman candle, and watch it explode, one bright light at a time.

I am grateful today that there must be 100,000 different episodes of the television show Stargate: SG-1 and that Richard Cheney had not sworn in public all week.

This weekend I want to read the three terrorism suspect opinions, to see if it all makes sense. I love having the training to understand civil rights opinions, though my most recent legal brief was about as far from cutting edge civil rights work as one could conceivably imagine. But construction defect insurance law is important, too! Meanwhile, an opposing counsel engaged in a minor discourtesy yesterday, trying to do an "end run" around me. I encounter that relatively rarely, but it would be irritating if it were not transparent and amusing. When I was a young lawyer, everyone seemed like such a carnivore. Now they mostly seem like people, in lion suits.

I love it when I get an IM from someone I have not heard from before, except when the IM says "come view my webcam".

Meanwhile, my Chess Life tells me that Alexandra Kosteniuk earned her grandmaster title at age 20. She's pictured, deeply attractive with a coy and fetching smile, behind a chess board. No doubt she'll have the message boards abuzz with the serenades of frantic high tenor longing that only unpopular male chess teens can sing. Meanwhile, I spend my evening visiting the Free Internet Chess Server (, getting mopped up by a 1600 player over and over until I was pummelled into submission. I suppose that is better than longing for Alexandra Kosteniuk. I once heard that a marriage of two chess players I met failed when he withheld from her a key line of analysis in the c3 Sicilian Defense, only to spring it upon her in a tournament game. I do not know if this apocryphal story is true, but I do know her second husband was a grandmaster. Check and mate.

I need to do something creative and fun sometime soon. But I am a hard working man right now. swisscheesed gave me a cool writing assignment, though, and I'll post it this weekend.

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