Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Keeping things going

I got a message from the Yahoo Groups folks, telling me that my Feeder Guppy Rescue League community had gone "inactive", by which they meant that no message had been posted there for ninety days.

In order to remedy this group/sloth, I went over there and posted a note of reflection on the joys of feeder guppy keeping. I noticed that my membership is back up to 13, which is not bad at all, given that I don't do much in the way of promotion for the group. People just find it on the internet, and join.

I wrote about how "feeder guppy rescue" is not about converting larger fish into vegetarians, but about celebrating things that are beautiful in and of themselves, without the need for culling or selective breeding. I do not think that Rousseau need be concerned about his place in posterity.

I still have to finish the open book examination to renew my chess tournament director's certification. It seems as though I have a world of avocational things that I don't make time to do right now. Sometimes it's hard to keep things going.

I'm glad I've gotten into the new habit of working a bit at home each weekend.
It makes a difference to my work burden to do so. This week will be a busy one, but then I can take the three day weekend. We had originally discussed having my eight year old niece visit us for the long weekend next weekend. We'll have to see if she can and will still come to see us. She'd enjoy the natatorium, the petting zoo, and perhaps a hike at the nature center. I'd enjoy those things, too.

It's slated to rain most of this week. This is the rainiest Texas Summer I can recall. When we returned to Texas, just over four years ago, a long drought made for a hot, hot Summer. They're much nicer when rain lightens the heat up a bit.
We'll see how it holds up in August, though.

My mother had her seventy first birthday last weekend. My sister turns forty this year. In my mind, my sister is still five or so, but in fact, she now teaches kids and raises a family of her own. I notice here on LJ that once people cross a given age, say, twenty two ro so, everyone is really roughly the same age. Sometimes the years bring a bit more calm, or a bit less hubris, but so much is roughly the same.

I have court this morning, and then drafting to do this afternoon. Also, I want to organize my office a bit better. This is a good week in which to do it.

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