Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Dolores lingers

Today I got into the office early and then worked until 9:30 p.m. It reminded me of an earlier time in my career, when such evenings were common. Now they're the exception rather than the rule. I did get a chance to have a charming lunch of roasted chicken at the Fiesta, the closest thing we come to an El Pollo Loco type Mexican open-flame roasted chicken experience. It was tasty, and reasonably quick.

Tonight on the drive home, I listened to the Cranberries' first album. I have a weakness for Dolores O'Riordan's approach to things. I sang along to "Sunday" and then flipped the CD to "Linger" and sang along. I thought to myself that I am not immune to a good old pop song at all.

Otherwise, Jeff Pearce's "Bleed" spends a fair bit of time in the old CD player, sandwiched between a world of progressive and art rock CDs. I do not know if this prog phase is re-living my teens, or leading me beside troubled waters. I do know that I fully expect my retro glam listening phase to come next. I need to find my copy of "Kimono My House", by the way. I still think it's the Maels' best album. If I could give away two CDs to represent almost everything there is to know about me, they would be Sparks' "Kimono My House" and Be Bop Deluxe's "Live! In the Air Age!". I put a Viridian Sun album in my car, so as not to become lost in a 1970s haze.

One of my best friends during college, Joanie, and I used to take long rides debating the life's inner meaning in my Oldsmobile Omega, to the backdrop of "Young Americans" and "Station to Station" We'd talk for hours, out on things that weren't dates. When either of us phones, we still talk for hours at a time. Don't let anyone tell you that the music fades with time--I still hear every note that burst from my cheap car cassette player. I like having a friend, by the way, with whom I can have the same debates twenty two years later. I should send an e mail her way.

Jimmy and Rosalind Carter were on television tonight, as always impressing with the achievements they attained once they left the White House. Meanwhile, I understand that all those talking heads over at Fox News are apoplectic about Mr. Clinton's new book. I suppose it must be a painful memory, to recall when budgets balanced and small steps were taken to improve things. For all its various failures, the Clinton presidency will stand the test of time much better than the current administration.

We had two items of good news on the home front--a new contract for my wife, and a
good medical report for an in-law. Now if I can just buckle down and keep the immense work progress going through the rest of the month, then I'll start feeling my oats. Tomorrow is this week's crunch day--or was that what today proved to be?

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