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sandwiches with friends

Last night I went to dinner with microbie, whom I'd met when she was in Dallas last year, as well as chevrefeuilles and miscelena, whom I'd never met before. They were all great--it was a fun evening. Sadly, I just missed the chance to meet arcanum_dogma, whom I hope to meet next time I'm in town.

We had a great time, comparing notes (in a good way) about sealing wax and cabbages and kings, although we did not discuss sealing wax or cabbages or kings literally. I love it when four people are quite different in many ways, and yet really speak the same language.

I always marvel how many nice people are among my friends' list, as opposed to other internet outlets in which the ratio of "trollish folks" often seems much higher. I think that the secret is to write a boring, suburban journal--but it probably is just to be grateful for nice friends.

I find, as the years go on, I have the talkative nature of an outgoing person, but the inner reactions of a shy person.
I woke up this morning saying to myself: "great interaction--I only put my foot in my mouth 43 times or so", but that's the kind of self-talk that seems to me a substitute for just living.

I am a person who has a lot of theories about every trivial thing. I often find myself elucidating them at the drop of a hat in groups. You know, the silly stuff--like the way I often buy CDs now only from acts which sell less than 100 copies of each release. At least I spared the group my theory that all my personality traits can be attributed to childhood rubella and the local DDT truck.

My dad is the greatest, but when I come upon him in conversation with someone, he is apt to be holding forth in elaborate detail about the latest cannon emplacement he has erected in his front yard, or his efforts to dig for alluvial precious stones. I suppose I am like that, too--except my cannons are wielded by guppies, or play chess with Death, win, and then turn and sing play songs of triumph on a kazoo.
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