Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

DC is full of people

Last night we landed in Baltimore airport, and rode a pleasant forty minute ride to DC. My hotel was oversold, so I had that odd sensation of having a guaranteed reservation at 10 p.m., but having to wait suspensefully for a room. I got one, and thus did not have to get "walked" to the sofitel. The staff said all of DC, MD and VA are sold out for conventions.

A day of deposition ensued today, about which I choose not to elaborate. Tomorrow? Another day of deposition.

Some love DC, some hate it. I kinda like it, but I would not quite ask it to go steady.

Last night at some place called "Stoney's", I broke my usual dietary rules and had a "stoney burger". I was amused at how high that relish was piled atop the pattie. They should rename the restaurant "Relish" or the burger "condiment" Stoney has been in business for 5 decades. That's 1 more decade than me.

Reminder to self: plan a trip to DC to actually see more museums someday.

The humidity here reminds me of my Arkansas childhood. But, sadly, no bicycling, sandlot baseball nor little league ballpark chili dogs here. Well, they DO have cooler statues than Gurdon's Hoo Hoo statue--a black cat with its tail curled up in the shape of the numeral 9-right by the railroad tracks.
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