Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

DC Jaunt--wanna meet-up?

Tomorrow I head off late to beautiful Washington, D.C., for a business trip that will last a couple of days.

I've mentioned it to some folks here on LJ, but I got distracted before I could mention it to everyone "local".

I'm going to be right in the heart of the capitol area,
and the little suites hotel I'm using tells me there's a couple of quiet places to go for a meet-up within a block or two of my hotel. I'm thinking we'll meet up in the lobby of where I'm staying, and then walk the block or less to one of those places.

If anyone would like to "meet up" on Wednesday, please drop me a line at on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday may not be too late to e mail, but I am less rigorous about e mail checks while on the road.

The anticipated time? Wednesday, at 8:00-ish p.m., give or take a little. This time may move about a little depending on folks' schedules--like if someone needs to start little later, etc.

If you want particulars about location and all that and think you can come, please drop me a line!

I think it's fun to actually meet one's friends.
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