Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Periodot imaginings

My birth stone is the peridot, a green number that is neither quite up to precious nor quite down to common. I found a "wild" peridot once at the Arkansas Diamond Mine, but the main view I get of peridot is in my college class ring.

For some reason, in my high school class ring, I chose a black onyx instead. I don't wear that ring anymore. I wonder where it is now. I remember that when I was in high school, the price of gold had skyrocketed. The ring company offered us an alternative metal--something called palladium or some such. A few years later, it was more precious than gold.

I love to hunt for pretty stones, but here in north Texas the local digs are more about fossil marine creatures in the local chalk. A 10 year old local boy found a new species of shark tooth at a local lake, after doing one of those high-achievement science projects for years.

I can imagine wandering in a field of crystal, trying to find smoky amethyst and
truly gorgeous green peridot. But today, instead, I'll go to work and try to get some drafting done.

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