Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Green with pleasure

Today I walked during lunch at Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve, which I could have sworn until today was called Spring Creek Nature Preserve, which seemed odd to me, since another park in Richardson also had that name. Either they've changed their name, or I've crossed dimensions into another place, but in the old place, you were there, and you, and you and you and it was all different, but oh, Auntie Em.

As I walked through the riparian scraggle-woods, through which a thin bike trail ran, I saw a four foot long fat snake crossing the trail. He didn't see me, but just crawled across the path at a leisurely pace. Although he was less colorful than I expect of a rat snake (I have colorfully high hopes for rat snakes), I believe he was a good old fashioned Texas rat snake. He had a dark tire, fat body with a mild pattern on top. His head was rounded--clearly not a poisonous viper--and he crawled with his head lifted up off the ground a bit, but only a bit.

I could see a green color on what I would, if he were a reptilian person, call his chin. He crawled into the woods, still oblivious to me, and I stopped to watch him slide into the shady spaces. His facial expression looked almost like a proud, Mona Lisa smile. Earlier I had seen a dead blue snake on the trail, a small snake of the kind I was raised to call a "blue racer". But this rat snake was another drink of
blood altogether--huge and serene, earthy and real.

I'm hesitant to try to imagine animals in human terms, as I know there are so many differences. But gee, y'know, that was a cheerful snake.

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