Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A long, loping loop of trail

This afternoon my wife drove me to nearby St. Paul, Texas, where Collin Park has a marina next to Lake Lavon. She dropped me off there so that I could hike the Trinity Trail all the way from Collin Park up to Brockdale Park in Lucas, some five miles away.

The trail is mostly unshaded, although often small trees are all about. I saw a gorgeous bluebird, with a rich body color, and even deeper blue wings. This is the time of year when butterflies flit everywhere. I saw large ones--tiger swallowtails and black swallowtails--and many different kinds of small ones.

Out in the lake, white and blue herons waded in the shallows. Overhead, thunderhead clouds reminded of rain, but delivered none. I enjoyed timing each half mile with my watch, to see what pace I could maintain. I did the entire five miles in one hundred minutes, a fairly leisurely 3.1 miles an hour. I had slept in far too long this morning, as the last vestiges of that old cold fade away. It was so restorative to wander alone down the trail, encountering only a few horse riders.

Now that I see that this five mile walk is so easy to accomplish, I'll plan a Saturday or Sunday in which I do a ten mile roundtrip. I have this mental image of setting out at six a.m., having breakfast at Collin Park at nine, and then being back in pocket by ten a.m., with a Saturday still ahead of me. But today I'm just glad to have finished the five miles. My wife picked me up a few minutes after four, and drove us home--very kind of her to "shuttle" this way. We saw a kestrel and two domesticated guinea hens on the drive home. I feel rested in my exhaustion.

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