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lightning bugs

When I had watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I pulled out the leashes, and took our two lhasas to Glendover Park. Our lhasas have a back yard and a doggie door, so park walks are in the realm of treat rather than daily duty. They love the sight of those leashes.

Our home is in a newish tract home neighborhood, where all the trees are five to seven feet tall from a year or two of growth, and every little yard is a teeny theater of grass. Our pansies lasted the whole winter; our snaps are now in full force. Our weather the last two days has been like Southern CA in February--unseasonably cool, simply bliss.

We headed over to Glendover Park. This very small city park is right by an elementary school, right at the end of our little street. It has a small open area where they put in teeny goals sometimes for tyke soccer fields. It has one of those plastic little playgrounds and swings...kinda "uber" McDonaldland...and it has a stand of trees, sole survivors of the time before tract home developers. Its highlight is the little park pond, with a fountain trying nobly to keep the small pond from going stagnant.

The planet Venus floated right by the moon tonight--simply irresistible, but I was not trying to put up my defenses anyway. Then under the stand of tall thin trees I cannot name, I saw something I've missed for years--lightning bugs. When I was growing up in small town Arkansas, summer nights were filled with hundreds of lightning bugs. I don't know if they exist everywhere, so I'll explain that they are insects whose thorax has a little luminescent "light" attached, so that they can, in mid air, make a little flash-light looking light. It's a quick flash, like a miniature xmas bulb, only slow and friendly. I have not seen them in profusion for years, but several were in Glendover Park. if only small bats had pierced the 3/4 dusk, I would have been transported to childhood Mays,
waiting for school to end, looking forward to
long summer evenings. While my dogs inventoried each grassy knoll and each tree, I just stood by the trees, and prayed for light. Well, not prayed,exactly, but whatever I did, God answered....bug after bug after bug....

Then we went to the small pond, and stood and saw nothing but heard millions of young frogs honking and I thought how I was in a sprawlized brickhouse tracthome confection and yet it was all connected, and somehow, I was there.

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