Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Tell me a story (an informal low tech creative expression poll)

I love the edited autobiographical nature of the LiveJournal experience. Sometimes the autobiographies are not "really real"--a few folks I read "shift persona" from journal to journal, lots of folks edit liberally, and even those who, like myself, seek to be frightfully earnest and sincere must cope with the blindness that any one person has about him or herself. I never say that my journal "is" my life, but instead it's a form of honest, wholesome musical comedy.

But I thought it might be fun to ask folks to write out something
that might help me understand other folks better. You know, I'm not good at that "meme" 'ask me anything', because all the things I would want to ask I should know already or would feel intrusive asking. But interconnection is a wonderful thing. Why not disguise the search for interconnection in the form of a request for a three paragraph essay?

So go all revelatory for me. Here's how. Write three paragraphs in the comment. Begin each of the paragraphs with the following lines:

Paragraph One: "I'd like to share a quirky thing about myself that I've never written about in my journal:...".

Paragraph Two: "I want to tell you a small, seemingly insignificant story about a relative of mine, that may help you better understand me. It happened when....".

Paragraph Three: "I can easily imagine that someone reading my journal might misunderstand me. It bothers me sometimes to think about it (and even affects how I post). Let me tell you something I wish people did understand about me, and why this matters to me".

Would you like to play? The band is striking up, and it's your time to sing!
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