Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Evening primrose

Today the weather turned out nicely, as warm weather combined with threatened but not delivered rain to make for a nice hiking day. I drove forty minutes from our house to Sister Grove Park, near Lake Lavon. They put up a new picnic pavilion and restroom by the trail, but, as usual, I was the only one on the trail.

When I walked into the woodland portion of the trail, I found myself in a sea of honeysuckle. It was gorgeous, and it spread everywhere. On the open air part of the trail, I saw Indian paintbrush, with its orange stalks, and yellow-wonderful coreopsis.

I drove into Farmersville, where I tried the barbecue restaurant downtown. The sauce was too sweet for my liking, but the portions were generous and the green beans tasty. I snapped a picture of the First Baptist Church, circa 1900, which the historical marker described as a "mixture of styles", but which I found enchanting in its mild, friendly oddness--small spires and circles and stained glass.

I drove on to the Park Hill Prairie, which was a sea of wildflowers. I took so many pictures, and took them to get developed. But on the "picture disk", they somehow did not copy all the photos. The photos came out great, but they are not on the disk. Still here is one which despite its imperfections almost did come out, if you'll click here:

The pink flowers are evening primrose, which were the most common flower. The yellow are coreopsis. I am not sure what the tall purple flowers are, but I am working on that--I believe they are a penstemon, but I must do more homework.

Imagine fields of knee-high tallgrass prairie grasses alternating with waves of pink primrose, orange Indian blanket, yellow coreopsis, red phlox, and myriads of butterflies, and you will be picturing my afternoon. A couple of folks were walking their dogs. They came up and introduced themselves, because they were just so ecstatic to be amid such a wealth of wildflowers, and they wanted to share names, as if to record the experience.

I hope I can get the photo shop to re-do the photo disk, as most of the photos are not on the disk, and I am particularly pleased with the honeysuckle and the little quaint/odd church.
I'll work on that tomorrow, as well as working on uploading my east Texas rose and wildflower shots from a few weeks ago.

On the drive back home, a pickup truck stopped just ahead of me to allow a raccoon to cross the road. When the raccoon got across, he used his paw to do a Tarzan swinging maneuver over a small concrete bridge barrier, disappearing with all the flair of George of the Rodent Jungle. I was captivated. I saw a great-looking hawk I believe to be a Cooper's hawk, as well as black vultures. The farmer's field full of kid goats just outside the prairie still enchants. Volunteer firemen in Farmersville sold raffle tickets for a shotgun.

We went to see "Mean Girls" tonight, which we really enjoyed. Lindsey Lohan and Tina Fey did such good jobs in that film. I had originally voted for the campy vampire flick Van Helsing, as I really like Kate Beckinsale in films, but "Mean Girls" was a very worthy teen film.

It was a good, restful day. I really needed the exercise, and the flowers.

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