Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Tonight I went to the Garland Bar Association. The speakers were judges that hear cases in which largely poor people are brought into court by the state attorney general over child support matters. During their talk, they discussed how often it is that the paternity of a particular child is proven by the DNA to be completely different than the paternity sworn by the mother in question. Meanwhile, next door, a Pentecostal worship service meeting in an adjoining conference room rose to a fever crescendo. The judges said something like "we hate to say this, but over 50% of the paternity cases turn out that the respondent is not the biological father", while next door, the minister's voice rose as he described "when God UPLIFTS you, then....".

I love living in the Bible Belt.

I got voted Vice President of the Garland Bar for next year. I am eager to rest on Saturday.
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