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Poll interpretation

Thanks so much to so many people for participating in my last poll. I always feel that I learn so much from answers set into such small spaces. Someone suggested I
set forth an analysis of what the poll answers mean. I oblige:

Executive Summary:

All people can be divided into four basic meaningless seminar categorizations:
1. prepositions; 2. prepossesers; 3. pretermitters and 4. presupposers. Calculate which one you are as follows:

First figure out what you think is the correct answer. Then award five points for each answer you feel you gave correctly. Then deduct one point for each answer someone else gave that you wish you had given. Multiply the resulting sum by 93 million, and then divide by pi. The answer you get will be utterly meaningless, but nonetheless will represent the result of your hard work. If your number ends in 1 or 3, you are a preposition. If it ends in 2 or 4, you are a prepossesser; if it ends in 5 or 6, you are a pretermitter. If it ends in 7, 8, or 9, you are a presupposer. If it ends in zero, you did the math wrong.

I still have not figured out what it means to be any of the various personality types, but when I do, I will begin running self help seminars.

Second, take a deck of cards. Pick out a card. Note what you picked out.
Put it back into the deck. Go on with life.

Here's a few similarly meaningless thoughts on the quiz:

How tall are you?

The respondent's actual height is largely irrelevant, of course. This question's meaning is all encapsulated in two experiences: 1. what the respondent felt about his or her height as he or she answered; and 2. whether anyone who knew a respondent had a mental image of the respondent that differed from the "true" answer. It's one of those moments of "a ha, I have this preconception" mingled with "a ha, now so what?".

Who was president when you were born?

This question seeks to ferret out those people from alternative universes in which
Tony Benn was prime minister and Goldwater won the presidency.

What color are your eyes?

Here imagine all the answers as individual marbles, put together as a set. The individual answers are fascinating (and colorful), but the entire set is just glorious.

What was the first 45 (single) or CD single you owned?

My theory is one's soul is saved if one's first single or LP is something one can laugh about later.

What is your favorite flower? Your favorite houseplant?

I think that flower imagery is very important. For me, the marigold represents attainable beauty, available to all. The rose is a cherished treasure.

The houseplant question taps into one's secret Marthastewartism. I chose cactus. That's not the Martha answer.

What was the first name of a favorite aunt or uncle (or aunt/uncle-ish third party)?

Here I hoped that we'd get a great assemblage of names, worthy of commemoration.

If you sang in the shower, what would you sing? and for an encore?

I think that the only thing harder than imagining there is a God when you are a dogmatic atheist is to imagine singing in the shower when you are tone deaf.
I think that each song should be examined for the reader to consider incorporating into a personal shower repertoire.

What is your favorite type of pie? a la mode, or not?

I think that meringue fans have a certain nostalgic side I find very appealing.
I think that fruit pies show a real gusto for direct experience of the real things.
Isn't it funny how pie and cats just don't appeal to some?

What field of study fascinates you completely, but you've never taken even a single course in it?

I love to see what fascinating people my friends are through questions like this.

What toppings do you like on pizza?

In the world, there are traditionalists and there are non-traditionalists. Pizza topping is widely known as the litmus test of the modern world.

What is your favorite work of visual art?

What a difficult question! But I think this is a great way to find common connections and to also figure out new art to view!

What is your favorite David Bowie song (note: if "none", put "Laughing Gnome")

Of course, all people who know David Bowie's music can be classified by their favorite Bowie song. Some people know how to "turn and face the strange", while others turn an ambiguous eye "back on suffragette city". Myself? I choose "Letter from Hernione", with its line: "he makes you sparkle like a different girl...but did you ever call my name? Just by mistake?"

How old were you when you had your first "real" romantic kiss?

My theory is that LJ'ers in the main bloom very early or very late, but in general bloom pretty darn well.

Imagine you would only home-school your child(ren), and tell me why.

Most of us reject some part of the culture, and this question seeks to determine which part. A few people even reject the premise, though, and that's cool, too.

Tell me one of the least painful but unforgettable nicknames you had in school

Maybe I should have asked about the painful nicknames instead. Of course, I thought in the shower this morning, my most common nickname is "Bob".

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