Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Saturday naps

I had a number of things I wanted to do today. I was like the boy in that children's book about what a little boy is going to do on Saturday. You know, simple stuff--fly a jet plane, do a zillion jumping jacks, eat pancakes with the Marines, and other feats of strength and dream.

I imagined that I would get a ton of work done, and then have a ton of fun. I got a number of important things at work done, but I fell asleep during the part when the fun was going to take place. Now it's 7. If I move quickly, I can go out into the rather chilly air and at least get a dose of exercise. Tomorrow night I have to fly to San Jose for a deposition in Morgan Hill, so this weekend is starting to feel over already. Some people love taking naps on the weekend, but for me, they soak up the time where the fun was supposed to be.
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